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Food Bank Donations:


During the Autumn term, Bromley Pensnett set to work collecting donations for the local food bank, during our Harvester Festival Celebrations. We raised a staggering amount of food donations and two members of the school council were lucky enough to go to the local food bank to drop off the donations. 


Here's what they had to say:



Lucy-school council (3/4 B)

"When we went to the food bank it was really fun and interesting! Firstly we loaded up all of our donations. We didn't think they would fit! When we arrived at the food bank, the volunteers brought trolleys to help us unload everything. Then a nice lady gave us a tour. It was really interesting to see the food bank and all of the donations collected. However, we were sad to learn that in October, the food bank nearly ran out of donations completely. Fortunately, they have stocked up since. It was a really good experience and I can't wait to collect again next year!"


Lacey- school council (3/4 T)

"The food bank has a team across the Black Country and they help families by giving them food and necessary items when they have nothing. Special people, (like doctors, social workers and schools) recommend families for a voucher and they take this to centre to exchange for a package. At the food bank we found out that the items that are always needed and in short supply are: instant mash, fruit juices and milk. This is because families use these more than any and they go into every package. The food bank actually had a good selection of toiletries but these items can also be limited. However the lady said people don't worry a about these as much as they are not seen as being as important as food. I had a fantastic time at the food bank and learned a lot!"


Thank you to everyone that donated, we were overwhelmed by your generosity and it was the biggest donation we have ever received here at Bromley. 

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