Our Vision is underpinned by a set of four defining principles which have become key indicators of success:

  1. Outstanding pupil experience

  2. Excellence in education

  3. Impactful teaching

  4. Effective partnerships


Our school's ethos is encapsulated in our four school values, TRUST, WORKING TOGETHER, RESPECT which fundamentally leads to SUCCESS. These four values underpin all we do, help to guide us through our journey together and most importantly allow our children to gain the best possible start to their educational future, leading to life long learning.



We are a learning community where we:-


  • Allow children to experience a stimulating curriculum which sparks the imagination and encourages them to think outside the box. 

  • Help prepare children for the outside world, to help our children learn new skills and build a resilience to overcome challenges

  • Create a loving and caring community where children thrive as individuals and are inspired to reach their own personal educational heights.

  • Develop in children a tolerance and respect for all others irrespective of background, culture, religion ability or appearance.

  • Work together to achieve successful partnerships where parents are supportive and supported to allow their child to achieve their potential.

  • Empower children with a voice to be heard, value their contributions and encourage them to make decisions for themselves and empathise with those around them.

  • Provide children with a safe and nurturing environment, a trusting and stable platform from which to grow.